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Above and inground swimming pool openings!

Text, call or email us at 615-274-5557 to get on RockvalePools openings schedule!!!

We book up quicklif y, you want to be open in April hurry and contact us...

Inground opening- $265.00

Above ground opening- $165.00

We pull and fold your cover, reattach all pool pump equipment, hoses, etc..CK chemicals, add chemicals needed if you have we will add yours if not we can add our own for cost of qty added, net, vac and leave pool running with 5-7 days worth of chemicals....

Please NOTE- if your pool is green, has sat uncovered, is full of debris etc we cannot do a simple opening. It may require our pump n dump at $250.00 we drain your pool clean it and leave it refilling with your water hose...

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